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Tell us about your creative project. Are you looking for tables, shop display, movie set accessories or something else exciting?

  • (Refer to the reel measurement guide).

    Generally we sell the cable reels in 'as is' condition, however, we are happy to sand the edges or carry out extra work, if required. NB: fees may apply.

    Please give us an idea of what size reels you require, in millimetres, refer to the reel measurement guide.

    What 'look' are you after : rustic, weathered, newish, industrial or raw timber?

    If you are after extra inspiration visit our Facebook page.

    As we deal with only second hand cable reels and our stock changes every day the best way to get exactly what you want is to visit the branch nearest you. Please phone to make an appointment first so we can ensure someone is available to assist you. If this is not possible, we can work with you via email.

    Please note that cable reels are an industrial item not intended for use as furniture. We take all due care to make them safe for use but take no responsibility for any issue that may arise from their use as furniture.
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Reel Measurement Guide

Reel Diagram

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